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We have trained service technicians that can offer so much more.


Mechanical Services

Not only do we have all the products and services you need for your brakes, steering and suspension, we have trained service technicians that can offer so much more.

Pink Slip (Including Historic Motor Vehicles)

RMS eSafety Inspection Report

Log Book Servicing

$28 Steering & Suspension Check (written report)

Wheel Alignment

Tyre Fitting & Wheel Balancing

Diesel Engine Performance Upgrade

Exhaust Upgrade for performance & Fuel Economy

4x4 Lift Kits

Mechanical Repairs




Pedders Nowra are the leaders in vehicle suspension, with an extensive range to suit your vehicle. Our extensive range includes replacement and upgrade parts such as:

Suspension Upgrade

GVM Upgrade

Handling (Sports) Enhancement



From high quality disc brake pads to brake rotors, Pedders Nowra have everything you need to optimise your vehicle’s stopping power. We offer our own comprehensive range of brake parts and services.

Brake Service and Brake Replacement

Drum to Disc Brake Conversion (rear)

Brake Upgrade to Enhance Stopping Power   - may include Rotors, Pads and Booster



A vehicles power steering is perhaps the most overlooked system, yet requires regular servicing. Not only does "power steering" assist drivers manoeuvre their vehicles more effortlessly around tight corners or when the car is stopped or moving slowly, but it also provides important feedback of how the front wheels are  interacting with the road.

If your power steering is leaking fluid, or if your steering wheel feels notchy when rotating it at low speeds, call Pedders Nowra. Our expert Technicians can replace or repair you power steering components at competitive prices.  

Team celebrating by joining hands
Team celebrating by joining hands


Safer Towing

Vehicle weight from accessories, towing and loads is a significant factor in the safety and performance of your vehicle and Pedders have developed the Tow and Load Assessment to assist customers in understanding their vehicle weight now and in the future.

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